E is for…Equipment


A short post today I think, because I’m tired and this is tenuous.

I’ve amassed quite a bit of equipment because you never know what is going to come in handy when it comes to Movember and being nice to your face! There’s a mini clipper for nose and ear hair and, I guess, eyebrows (if you’re into that). There are tweezers to add a bit of unnecessary pain to your hair removal process. There are two types of electric shaver: one that rips my hair out and makes me cry, and then a big professional-looking thing that I used to use to cut my hair from time to time, and that nowadays I use to keep the stubble in order.

But for Movember I want better. I want more. I want comfort, a sense of tradition, a slight inefficiency that makes me spend more time on the task than is actually necessary, a bit like writing a letter because it’s more pleasurable than an email. I want something that actually involves badger hair. I want:


Ha, I see, yes! Sorry about that. Well, I did say equipment, didn’t I…

Cut to the chase: http://uk.movember.com/mospace/1644036


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